Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Are you really WFH working from home?

I spent the whole day at home today, working.  Really!  I was working.  First in bed, then in the sofa where I am right up to this moment.  It's about 8pm.  I started working about 7:30am.  I took a quick 10 minute break for breakfast at around 9am and another 15 minutes for lunch at around 3:40pm.

Would you believe that I was able to complete more work than I would in 2 full days at the office?  If you ever worked from home you would.  If you didn't, well, I'm sorry.

I came across this article at Bloomber BusinessWeek which I found interesting.  It's a light and educational reading about a recent survey conducted by a company called Citrix (CTXS).  It does unveil some interesting findings which in fact are already well known by people working from home regularly.

Here is how I would appear in this survey according to my WFH experience today:

Most disliked work events: unproductive meetings, especially at 8am
Why I sneak out of the office: nap
What have you done while working remotely: took a nap (seeing a trend here)
Boss opposes working remotely: I don't think so
Have drink while working remotely: no, and while I experienced in Europe the culture of having a small glass of wine during lunch time, I still believe you have to follow local practices

So there you go.  What is your experience WFH?

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