Monday, April 4, 2011

Social Business – It is not just about technology!

Click HERE to watch recording of NewsGator, Kraft Foods and Microsoft Webinar in case you missed.

Transforming your business and culture using social computing software

Kraft Foods is in the middle of a dramatic transformation to embed innovation into every aspect of its business. Consumer driven technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that it is hard for corporations and their diverse employee populations to understand and agree on how technology can best enable the flow of knowledge and collaboration that leads to innovative thinking. Generational differences and a wide variety of comfort levels with technology impact the pace of internal change and the ability to roll out new tools quickly and effectively.

In this complex environment that many companies are currently facing, transforming the way the organization works is very difficult. Implementing new social and collaboration technologies will not work if a majority of the workforce doesn’t understand their value.

Check out this one-hour Webinar with Vinicius da Costa, Associate Director for Collaboration and Social Business with Kraft Foods, and Doug Caywood, Industry Manager of Microsoft’s US Consumer Goods industry organization.

In this Webinar they discuss the following topics:
  • Moving away from e-mail as a primary collaboration tool
  • Leveraging social business tools to drive business value
    • Innovation, knowledge management, efficiency, speed, agility, and enabling partners to fully participate
  • Investing in creativity, people skills, marketing, and branding
  • Being bold with the outcomes, be focused on the results

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  1. This is so refreshing to read. I'm glad that global enterprises like Kraft are spearheading social business initiatives.

    Just today Google announced an unparalleled incentive for their team to get engaged. The Social Media Academy is providing the training

    The current transformation can only be compared to what happened during the industrial revolution. It isn't about technology but a significant shift in our society.